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Notary Services

Notary ServicesBeard Insurance has licensed agents offering professional, accurate one-stop shop for notarizing important documents. Our notary services are just another way we make life easier in Gastonia, NC.

We are locally owned and operated. Our notary service is reliable, discrete and prompt. We notarize all types of documents such as title transfer for auto, motorcycle, boat, RV, bill of sale, rental agreements, power company agreements and many other types of documents.

We have a highly trained, courteous and professional staff that is willing to assist you.

In order for us to notarize your documents you will need to bring the following items:
  1. Your driver license or pictured id
  2. Your social security card or other id
  3. Your unsigned documents to be notarized
We accept Cash payment.

What is a Notary
A Notary Public is a neutral and impartial witness to the execution of many of today’s legal documents. Notaries verify the identity of the signers of these documents. We help deter fraud, coercion and protect you. A Notary Public is not an attorney or an officer of the court. Therefore, we cannot help you in the drafting of a document or suggest wording. All documents must be prepared for notarization. There are a few basic acts and concerns that must be taken into consideration.

  • The document in question must have the proper wording and setup for notarization. If it does not, the signer MUST contact the entity that requested the notarization and ascertain the type of notarization required.
  • Affidavit-The wording of the document will read “Sworn and Subscribed before me” or to that effect. This states the signer is attesting to the truthfulness of the facts in the document by their signature. The notary is attesting that they witnessed your signature and you were properly identified.
  • Acknowledgment-The wording will be similar to “On this date before me appeared”, etc. This wording states that they personally appeared before the notary and identified themselves according to NC law. The notary is then vouching for your personal appearance and identity.
  • Certification-This act is to certify copies of documents, i.e. school degrees, certificates of education, vocational licensure, etc. To achieve this properly you must provide the ORIGINAL document to the Notary Public. They will then make the copy and attest to it being a true and correct copy of the original document. However, in the case of “certified” copies of records or documents like birth, death, and marriage or divorce, only the issuing agency of these types of documents can provide “certified copies.” A Notary will be able to clarify this issue for you.
  • Any document to be notarized must be complete and be free of blank spaces. All items requiring information or completion must be done BEFORE notarization.
  • Notarization of a document DOES NOT makes it a legal document.
  • The signer of the document to be notarized must be present with proper ID at the time of notarization.
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